cyber-bullying on the rise

September 2, 2010

Prof Keith Sullivan of NUI Galway’s School of Education describes cyberbullying as a growing problem that is difficult to manage in the school system.  It is characterised by the perpetrators ability to maintain anonymity and to harass victims 24 hours a day and is, moreover,  carried out in a language with which adults are not familiar.  

Now, a new campaign to raise awareness of cyberbullying – most of which occurs via mobile phone text messages –  has been launched by the Carphone Warehouse and by Prof. Mona Moore of the Anti-Bullying Centre at Trinity College in Dublin.

Their 10 point plan includes such suggestions as:

  • Do not reply to abusive texts.
  • Save messages and report them to parents, teachers and/or service providers.
  • Report to the Gardai, if abuse becomes threatening.
  • Use anti-bullying blocking devices to deter bullies.
  • Parents of bullies should take appropriate action e.g. exercise the option of reducing phone credit and time spent on computers.
  • All parties must be made aware that cyberbullying may constitute a criminal offence. 


                                                                 Source : The Irish Times, September 2nd, 2010