Tell me a (digital) story

January 26, 2011

It’s not difficult to understand the success of digital storytelling, given that the art of telling stories has been around since the beginning of time. Now, with the advent of Web 2.0 technologies, the narrator is able to move his/her expression to an entirely different level. For one thing, the story is not confined solely to the human voice or to a piece of text on a page. Other dimensions have opened up – physical pictures, video and animation as well as sound effects all contribute to enhancing the narration. In the web 2.0 classroom, a shift in the pupil/teacher relationship is inevitable given the way in which knowledge is co-produced. Old ideas of the pupil as a ‘tabula rasa’ and of the teacher as omniscient are no longer tenable.

And so to the stories.   Among the flood of online sites which carry digital stories, this is one of my favourites – a story from History > from World War Two > germans in the woods