A teacher with good a good class relationship can have classes working hard even throughout the most tedious fifty minutes. That said, a badly planned lesson will have a detrimental effect on behaviour.  These are three strategies for making the structure and content of your lessons as behaviour-friendly as possible:

Behaviour: Top tips for planning lessons around behaviour management – Resources – TES.



This is the booklet which can be given to Spanish learners to help support their learning. It has a mixture of grammar and vocabulary.  In A4 format, it can be photocopied down to A5 size as a booklet.

Y7 Spanish Vocabulary Guide – Resources – TES.

Combine lessons in German and the environment with this video and worksheet…

Die Umwelt Werbung – Resources – TES.

Games, worksheets and lesson plans for use in history teaching with a focus on scientific developments. A search facility is included.


Get ahead in the cloud

April 26, 2012

Get ahead in the cloud.


While the possibility of being freed from the shackles of the desktop computer is attractive, is it possible – or even desirable – to have everything in the cloud?

Flip this lesson! A new way to teach with video from TED-Ed.

How to set up a classroom blog: 10 Essential Steps.