January 28, 2010

Euro Creator Launch
Thursday 24th September 2009

To celebrate the ‘European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009’, the School of Education NUI Galway was selected to host the West of Ireland launch of the Euro Creator project and website: http://www.eurocreator.com/. The launch was conducted in two parts: a lunchtime launch and roadshow, for University staff and students in the Kirwan theatre, and an evening public event attended by local schools, teachers, educational organisations, and ICT providers in our AiPLE room.

The day and evening roadshow showcased to the large attendance creativity in digital media and the usability of Euro Creator for the sharing of educational multimedia across Internet platforms, including virtual learning environments.
EuroCreator enables educators and learners, from 27 countries across the EU, to share their educational media and digital resources safely in a moderated environment.

The projects that students and teachers upload to Euro Creator are assessed by educational experts such as Brendan Smith (Digital Enterprise Research Institute, NUIG); and for the media they upload they receive a certificate from Ján Figel’, the EU Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture and Multilingualism.

The project promotes collaboration and creativity in Irish and European education; and the imprimatur of the European Commissioner for Education is an added incentive to educators and learners to utilise this exciting new educational resource. Euro Creator covers all areas of the school curriculum and special educational needs (SEN). It is also a multilingual project, with the imminent roll-out of the Irish language version of Euro Creator announced at the NUI Galway event. Dr. Edward Herring, Dean, College of Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Studies officially launched Euro Creator, which strengthens NUI Galway’s links with local educators, schools and the community, and further illustrates the University’s commitment to innovation and excellence in technology-enhanced learning.

Students from the School of Education’s postgraduate and undergraduate teacher education programmes participated in the launch, including the Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), Dioplóma Iarchéime san Oideachas (DIO), and B.A. Mathematics and Education degree.
While focused mainly on teachers and schools, http://www.eurocreator.com/ can be utilised by anyone interested in creativity in educational multimedia. For further information about EuroCreator, email either: NUIGalwayeurocreator.com or tony.hallnuigalway.ie.

During the Euro Creator launch, Ciaran McCormack used the rope trick to illustrate how digital media can make learning a fun and productive experience for all students.


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