Technology boosts literacy skills

December 3, 2009

Research from the National Literacy Trust suggests a strong correlation between kids using technology and wider patterns of reading and writing.
Children who blog, text or use social networking websites have better writing skills than those who do not, according to this research.
A survey of 3001 children aged 9-16 found:

· 24% had their own blog
· 82% sent text messages at least once a month.
· 73% used instant messaging services to chat online with friends.
· However, 77% still put real pen to paper to write notes in class or do their school homework.
· Of the children who neither blogged nor used social network sites, 47% rated their writing as “good” or “very good”, while 61% of the bloggers and 56% of the social networkers said the same.

Jonathon Douglas (NLT) dismissed criticisms about the informal writing styles often adopted in online chat and “text speak”, both of which can lack grammar and correct spelling.
Far from damaging literacy, the results show that the more forms of communications children use the stronger their core literary skills.
Moreover, engagement with online technology drives their enthusiasm for writing short stories, letters, song lyrics or diaries.

Source : BBC News 3/12/09


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